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Understanding Asian Dating Customs

When dating Asiatic girls, it’s important to be aware of social differences that can effect conversation styles, values and relationship milestones. While these differences are no automatically a cause for concern, it’s a good idea to understand them so that you can navigate the dating operation as nicely and graciously as conceivable.

In some Eastern cultures, including Chinese lifestyle, there is a taste for a more implicit style of communication that communicates messages through non- verbal cues, tone of voice and context rather than unambiguous words. This is a fundamental aspect of Chinese culture, as it is a key component of maintaining harmony and “face” ( mianzi ). American culture usually prefers direct and obvious connection that allows thoughts and purposes to be expressed explicitly.

Another major difference between Eastern and Asian courting is that in Asian cultures, specially Chinese lifestyle, dedication and home relations are highly valued. Therefore, it’s important to be clear and open about your intent from the start of a relationship, and to involve family members in your relationship as soon as they feel comfortable. In contrast, in Western culture, it’s more common for relationships to progress more slowly and for couples to avoid involving family until they are sure they want to commit.

For many young Asians in America, it is a priority to maintain a close connection to their heritage and celebrate traditional holidays like New Year’s in a way that is more consistent with the values of their parents back home. For some, this means that they may be reluctant to date a Westerner who is not familiar with these traditions and may even find it offensive if their dating partner is insistent on celebrating New year’s eve in a more American fashion.